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39mm Polyamide Thermal Barrier Strips For Aluminium Windows & Doors

39mm Polyamide Thermal Barrier Strips for Aluminium Windows & Doors Admin Edit

Min. Order: 10000 Meter
Trade Term: FOB,EXW
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean
Production Capacity: 2,000,000 Meters/Month
Packing: Fumigation-Free...
Delivery Date: 10 Days Brand Name: Kronos
Product Name: Thermal Break Polyamide Strips, Polyamide Struts Material: PA66 GF25
Color: Black Width: 39mm
Density: 1.30±0.05 g/cm3 Standard Length: 6 Meters/Piece
Packaging: Lineal Processing: High Precision Polyamide Extrusion
Standard Carried: European Standard EN 14024:2004 & GB/T 23615.1-2017 Application: Aluminum Profiles, Thermal Break Aluminum Windows & Doors, Passive Windows


Aluminium is massively used in the manufacturing of profiles for the building and construction industry in window, door, facade, and curtain wall systems. 

When shopping for aluminum windows and doors, it's important to ask about the frames' Thermal Breaks (also known as Thermal Barriers)  and to look at a cross section of the frames to compare the number of breaks between frames. Thermal breaks are spaces between sections of an aluminum window/door frame. Aluminum frames are mostly hollow on the inside, and the chambers that make up the frame are disconnected from one another. Each open section where the two sides don't connect is a thermal break, and within these breaks, thermal insulators and resins are inserted. This makes the frame more durable and cuts down on the pathways for heat to travel through the aluminum effectively. 

Aluminum frames with more thermal breaks will generally be more efficient overall. Currently, there are two principal types of Thermal Barriers used for aluminum systems around the world: Polyamide Thermal Barrier Strip and Pour & Debridge (P&D).

Kronos Precision Extrusion, an innovative German company, which has for years been providing Thermal Insulation Solutions, is playing a significant role in enhancing the Thermal Energy Efficiency of buildings around the world with its high-performance and Thermally-Insulating Polyamide Insulation Strips for Thermal-Break aluminium frames. We set the standard for unsurpassed quality, innovation and outstanding performance in thermoplastic profiles extrusion.

Kronos thrives upon Wide and Intricate polyamide extrusions that challenge today's extrusion capabilities. We are capable of extruding wide and complex polyamide profiles which most extruders can not do. Our unique high-precision extrusion process enables us to form the most complex thermoplastics profiles. If you have a difficult extrusion challenge, call on the Kronos Precision Extrusion experts for a practical and effective solution. Just simply give us a blueprint and we will design and produce it for you in no time.

Polyamide insulating profiles production with undisputable quality and precision, hundreds of satisfied customers have trusted us while using our products. Kronos's High Efficiency polyamide insulating profiles set new standards in thermal separation, permit excellent U values and are absolutely the first choice in low-energy and passive buildings.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name: Thermal Insulation Polyamide Profiles, Thermal Break Polyamide Strips, Polyamide Thermal Barrier Profiles, Thermal Break Polyamide Struts, Polyamide Insulating Profiles

Kronos Article No.: 390G51

Material:  Virgin Polyamide 6.6 with 25% Pure Glass Fiber filled,  PA66 GF25

Processing: High Precision Polyamide Extrusion

Polyamide Width: 39mm

Features: Top-Notch Quality, High Precision, Extremely Smooth Surface etc

Standard Length: 6 meters/piece or customized

Profile Density: 1.30 ± 0.05 g/cm³

Shore Hardness: 80

Polyamide Strips Color: Black

Packaging: Lineal

Standards Carried: European Standard EN 14024:2004 & Chinese GB/T 23615.1-2017

Applications: Thermally Insulated Aluminum Doors and Windows, Passive House Windows, Passive House Doors etc

Photo Gallery of Premium German Quality High Performance Polyamide Thermal Barrier Strips

At Kronos, the imported virgin polyamide resins must be checked thoroughly.

Kronos's Thermal Insulation Polyamide Profiles in Comparison with Others' Polyamide Profiles

All batches of Kronos's polyamide profiles are subject to a rigorous inspection process prior to delivery.

Kronos provides standard and custom Laser Marking for easier traceability and improved quality control, adding extra value to your products and company. 

At Kronos Precison Extrusion, quality is not only a certification, but a philosophy and way of performing that tattooed in all Kronosian's heart. With this in mind, our team keeps in contact with the clients at all times, to make sure all the specifications and requirements are 100% fulfilled in the design and subsequent manufacturing process. 

In addition, this is accompanied by a professional consulting service in order to meet all our clients' specific demands. We design and make all our dies as per German Standards and we monitor the whole extruding process, so all paperwork is continuously up-to-date.

Standard PA66 GF25 Polyamide Insulating Profiles in stock

PA66 GF25 Thermal Break Polyamide Strips packed in fumigation-free plywood cases for delivery

As you learn more about Kronos, you will discover that we are trying to achieve the same thing as you – PERFECTION.

Whatever your thermoplastics extrusion challenges are, the friendly and professional experts of Kronos Precision Extrusion are here for YOU.

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39mm Thermal Break Euro Groove Design Polyamide Thermal Barrier Strips

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